Medhavi Nimai Das from Ireland Passed Away

A Letter from Medhavi Nimai Das’ Friend, Ravi, to HH Jayapataka Swami:
unnamedDear Jayapataka Swami,
My dear friend Mike Duff, Medhavi, an initiated disciple of yours, named Medhavi Nimai, from Ireland left his body in Galway on Wednesday evening.
Maharaja, please pray for his glorious onward journey, he was a very sweet and sincere devotee, always reaching out to people by distributing books, Harinam, festivals and through his music.
Here are some words I shared on Facebook about him…
Mike Duff, Medhavi, my dear friend. I will miss you.
I remember meeting you on your bike as I waited at a bus stop near Rachel Ward’s house. You invited me to the Hare Krishna Sunday feast. Thank you for that.
I remember seeing you before that play gigs with your band Dragonfly and Colm Quearney and I marveled at your music and your on stage presence and poise. You had a real quiet confidence and used to set up the stage with your mat and incense meticulously and sing your beautiful songs including one with the Maha-mantra.
After I joined the temple I remember calling you after one Sunday feast and asking you if you wanted to come traveling with Tribhuvanatha Prabhu and me.  I think we were going to Limerick to advertise for a festival there. You jumped at the chance and came with your sleeping bag and that was it you joined the temple too which I knew you had wanted to do for a long time.
We used to often joke around with each other as we waited for the showers in the ashram bathroom in the early morning. Trying to catch the other when they were not noticing and tickling them with the sound ‘uuuussshhhh’. I remember you with great fondness. We were like brothers really.
Over the years we spoke occasionally and always were able to be completely open and honest with each other and shared our challenges. I love you, man.
It has been a difficult day today to hear that you have left your body. I pray that you continue on your journey with full blessings imagesand that you take with you the kind heart and eager searching that led us together and towards a higher purpose.
Maybe one day I’ll hear a big thumping kirtan somewhere in another realm and Tribhuvanatha Prabhu will be singing and playing the mrdanga (drum) and I’ll be jumping and dancing and I’ll look over and see you doing the same.
Safe journey my friend. Hare Krishna.
Your servant,
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