“I’m always with you, never mind if I am physically absent.”

In 1967, Srila Prabhupada wrote the following letter to Jayananda Das from Delhi,

My Dear Jayananda,

th-1Please accept my blessings. I’m so glad to receive your letter of Aug 30, and I know also that you are a sincere devotee of Lord Krishna. When you drive your car you always chant “Hare Krishna” and when I was by your side I could understand how heartily you have accepted the philosophy of Krishna Consciousness. Krishna is very kind to all but He is especially kind to his sincere devotees. Krishna is always with us, within our hearts and He is always ready to give us direction but because everyone is independent Krishna responds cooperatively. Anyone who voluntarily cooperates with Krishna’s desire He responds to his call very eagerly. Krishna descends to teach us Bhagavad-gita begging our cooperation and anyone who th-8cooperates with Him becomes blessed. You are sincerely cooperating with Krishna and therefore you all boys and girls in San Francisco, working together harmoniously. Harmony means Krishna Consciousness. Without Krishna Consciousness there cannot be harmony in the world…. Your acknowledgement, “Krishna has been very merciful to me,” is remarkable. You are realizing the fruit of chanting. So far my health is concerned I’m improving, by Krishna’s grace and it is due to your feeling of my absence and eagerly awaiting for my return. Please go on cooperating between your godbrothers. I’m always with you, never mind if I am physically absent. Please convey my blessings to all the boys and girls and tell them that I’m very eager to return.

Your ever well wisher,

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami




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