Inspirational Quotes from Srila Prabhupada


“The idea is that in this old age I do not know when death will overcome me, and I wish to die in the last days of my life at Vrindaban. If you kindly, therefore, cooperate with my mission of spreading Krishna Consciousness in the western world, then I wish to return to Vrindaban.”
Letter to Sumati Morarjee — New York 27 June, 1967



“Please do not think of me as a wonderful or a mad man when I say that I shall go

‘Back to Godhead’ after leaving my present material body!

It is quite possible for everyone and all of us.
— Letter to Dr. Rajendra Prasad, President of Indian Union — Delhi 21 November, 1956



“Now, I can pass away at any moment, but I am confident that my disciples, who are mostly Europeans and Americans, they will continue this movement, and I wish there will be considerable change on the face of the globe.”

–Lecture in Bombay, March 18, 1972


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