Unknown-2We are pleased to announce that as of July, 2017, our ISKCON Philadelphia Vaishnavas CARE Team is preparing a Hospice Room at our ISKCON Temple in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on the East Coast of the United States. This will be a small, but comfortable and quiet room for any of our local congregational members who are diagnosed by their physicians with a terminal illness and have an expected prognosis of six months or less. We are in the process of painting and decorating the room, which will include a private Unknown-1bathroom and sitting area for family and other guests. As we make progress we will post photos and will certainly share with you photos of the finished quarters! We have an excellent hospice agency very near our temple for the medical needs and equipment required plus we have a very enthusiastic Philadelphia Vaishnavas CARE Team (many of whom are medical professionals) who are trained in Vaishnavas CARE and ready to serve the devotees in need. Please pray for our success in this newest project for Vaishnavas CARE! Thank you. 

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