Maha Prakash Das Passed Away

22852022_1478170782251798_3942843556579784854_nNews from Lilavilasini Dasi in Italy:

Dear Friends,
A great friend and devoted Vaishnava passed away yesterday His name is Maha Prakash Das. I am praying he went to the spiritual world. Maha Prakash, Mauro Nunziati, passed away after a short but serious illness. I am asking for everyone to please pray for him.

Maha Prakash was a person of rare goodness and kindness, who translated Srila Prabhupada’s books when he entered ISKCON. He took part in the distribution of books for His Divine Grace for years and years.

We all have to thank Maha Prakash Prabhu for his association and his mercy he granted us in Italy.

We send a loving thought to his children, Sati and Valmiki, and to his wife, Andarupa Dasi.

Hare Krishna.

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