images-2Your prayers are requested for Dipal, age 35, the sister of Laksman Das in the Toronto area. Dipal has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She has just completed a round of radiation treatment and her brother, Laksman Das, is asking for your prayers to help her through this very difficult time.

Laksman Das attends both the Toronto and Brampton ISKCON temples and is a disciple of His Grace Sankarshan Das. Please pray for his sister, Dipal, as well as their entire family. The prayers of the Vaishnavas will give them strength. Thank you so much.   


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  1. Kripalu GauraHari Das says:

    Hare Krishna
    May Radhe Shyam give them strength to tolerate the pain. May Laxman Prabhu’s sister get well soon. I hope they can keep Srila Prabhupada’s chanting box around Mataji. Hearing Srila Prabhupada’s voice will give her mind strength. They can get a chanting box sent from Sri Vrindavan Dham or Sri Mayapur Dham. Let Srimati Radharani take care of her.

    Jai Sri Radhe Shyam!
    Jai Sri Vrindavan Dhama!

    Your servant,
    Kripalu GauraHari Das

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