Yasoda Dasi, Beloved Mother, Sister, Friend, Passed Away

29468051_10216378165115553_2599419853914271053_nYasoda Jenny Naismith 💜

Beautiful Mother
Daughter Sister
Friend to all
Precious moments in life we cherish
The soul eternal does never perish
Your glorious smile forever in our memory
In hearts and thoughts you remain eternally
Your deepest hearts desire fulfilled
Krsna showed how deeply you’re loved
In final moments your dear friend Madhava
Sang your dearest prayer Narasingadeva         29473247_10216378145595065_6010480547528679535_n
By your side Radha Krishna
Eyes open wide arms raised high
To The Divine Couple back you fly
Effervescent smile beautiful voice
In The Holy Name you fully rejoice
Singing loudly with all your heart Jai Radhe !
Jai Sri Radhe Shyam !
Gandiva Tara Shana Dan
Your beautiful children strong and bold
Surrounding you their hearts you hold
Your bright joyfulness like the stars you shone 29542712_10216378158435386_7800447528604244035_n
In them you live, your legacy lives on
Through this journey by your side
Showing with dignity how to leave all behind
Their lives now changed forever more
The loss great ,broken hearts tender sore
You showed them strength
You bestowed them faith
With arms raised high in the air
Your four beautiful children there
Singing Radhe Radhe Jai Radhe !
With loving strength guiding you to the final destination
Leaving this world now mourning your
Mother Yasoda you embody the essence of motherhood
Teaching love and kindness despite hardships you withstood
As the divine Mother Earth you are courageous so strong
The boldest and best mother you taught them to belong
Your final journey was strenuous and long
Yet you showed us with laughter, generosity, kindness how to go on 29497432_10216378159115403_1612269333708199896_n
By your side dear brave sister Jill
Helped you with love up that last steep hill
Life is moments of impacts that teach us to grow
You impacted so many lives you always had a glow
Your final lesson showing us how to let go
Teaching us as we all observed
Fortunate are we from you to have learned
Till the end you filled this place with laughter
Touched all our hearts nothing else mattered
Conversations deep and meaningful
Smiling and always so joyful
Thank you for these precious moments
To all you left some special treasures
Your joyous smile with which you lived
You remain in our hearts forever loved



















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