His Holiness Jayapataka Swami Health Update

tumblr_papiiyg6rH1sbj0vuo1_500By His Holiness Jayaapataka Swami

Homebase: Sridhama Mayapur

Camp: Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai

By Srila Prabhupada’s and the Lord’s mercy and with your and all the devotees’ prayers, I survived the stroke. Then, they found that when I was attacked in Madrid Airport by a crazy person in 1989, they had given me a blood transfusion to make up for the lost blood and that contained Hepatitis C virus. They postulated that the virus was from there because when they did the genetic workup of the virus, it was found to be a European strain.

They only started checking for Hepatitis C in blood donors in 1992. Until the stroke happened, they didn’t know that my liver had been attacked by the virus; that’s when they found out. In 2014, they gave me a drug regime that had been newly discovered and that killed the Hepatitis C virus but the virus had been slowly destroying my liver since the year 1989 so the damage to the liver had already been done. It was kind of like a silent killer. Now, they say that according to the allopathic school, the only treatment is a liver transplant. Syamasundara Prabhu got one and he is doing alright. Due to the extreme liver damage, my kidneys have also started failing and I now require a simultaneous liver and kidney transplant. Originally, I was told that in three to five years, I should expect to require a transplant. But this time, the doctors gauged that I would need a transplant within three to five months. So then I went to various transplant specialists to see who would do it. Two surgeons in India are very renowned. One refused me saying I was high risk having many other complications. But the other surgeon had me go through all the tests and has agreed to do the operation. He is the best in India and he still goes every two months to England to perform transplants there. He has done over 4,000 transplants. So he is situated in Chennai. That’s why I’m presently staying in Chennai. I’m waiting for a cadaver because the surgeon wants that I receive a whole liver; a living donor can only give 60 percent of his or her liver although the liver does grow back in both the donor and recipient. In India, they’ve passed a law that only blood relatives can donate an organ but that can be overridden by a certain procedure; except for Delhi, none of the states accept that procedure because they’re afraid of getting sued.

My blood type is B+ and I’m number one on the priority list for getting the organs from a cadaver, but nobody knows when the cadaver will show up at the hospital. So things are going down. Before, my kidneys could handle the load but now they can’t. Since about 10 days, they’ve put me on dialysis. So one by one, my organs are collapsing. If I get a B+ cadaver with good organs, then I may leave the critical situation and become normalized. I’m depending fully on Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krsna. I’d like to see the TOVP completed and the TOVP Exhibits manifested, finish the Krsna Caitanya Book, Prabhupada images-1Memoirs (haven’t thought of a name yet), help with the Mayapur Masterplan, procure sitting places at holy places on the Navadvipa Parikrama, continue my normal duties (train younger devotees to take my responsibilities where possible), etc. But Krsna is independent and whatever He wants, He will do. Of course, Prabhupada said that prayers make a lot of difference so I appreciate devotees’ prayers.

Whenever possible, I give a 30 minute class over the internet in the evening/night India Standard Time; it’s through Facebook live:

If our internet is strong, maybe I’ll also show the same message on Mayapur TV.

I hope this finds you all in good health and blissful Krsna Consciousness.

Your servant,

Jayapataka Swami










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