Video of Mother Kulangana 2018 Appearance Day Remembrances.

tumblr_pb3b6zx0Yl1sbj0vuo1_500On Sunday near to her Appearance Day devotees gathered at Bhakti Centre in Harrow to share their remembrances of Mother Kulangana. Rishi Chavda kindly filmed the program and the video can now be viewed here:

This includes a special showing of previously unreleased footage of Mother Kulangana making Gokula Sweets. Thank you to Krishna Kishor Das and Prayojana Das for providing this.

The photos seen playing during the event and at the end of the video can be viewed and downloaded here:

If you have any photos you would like to add to our archive please email them to me at . Video and audio of Mother Kulangana is also appreciated.

Thank you.

Your servant,







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