Hare Krishna,


The Vaishnavas CARE website strives to provide relevant and useful information updated regularly by our qualified team of medical professionals. We appreciating you visiting us!

It is only by your generous donations, that we are able to continue to keep the Vaishnavas CARE website informative and available online. Not only do your donations help for the hosting and maintenance of our site and its domain, but they also help us develop our Vaishnavas CARE Teams in communities around the world as well as counsel and care for devotees on a daily basis. Whether your donations are meant for the care of a specific devotee, or for the Vaishnavas C.A.R.E. project in general, your donations resonate appreciation, encouragement and acceptance for the services that we are working hard to provide. PLEASE KNOW HOW MUCH WE APPRECIATE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THIS MUCH-NEEDED CARE PROJECT WITHIN OUR WORLDWIDE KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS MOVEMENT.


We wish to thank the following donors for their kindness and generosity. Without  the  assistance of compassionate donors like them, this much-needed project could not continue. Thank you so much!     



Amitabha-Krishna Das and Family, Salisbury, MD

Raj and Archana Arya and Family, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Arundhati Devi Dasi (ACBSP), New York *MONTHLY DONOR

Christopher Beetle, Gainesville, Florida

Bhakta Charles, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Caitanya Jivan Das (ACBSP), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Caitanya Purushottam das *MONTHLY DONOR

Dhira Krishna Das and Nikunja-vasini Devi Dasi, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Amratlal Divani *MONTHLY DONOR

Kishor Dongre, Olathe, Kansas *MONTHLY DONOR

Douglas Greenberg, Alachua, Florida

Drista Das (ACBSP) and Rudrani Devi Dasi, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Drumila Das (ACBSP), New Orleans, Louisiana 

Nitya Fiorentino and Family, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Narendra Gadhamsetty 

Gurudas and Family, Colorado *MONTHLY DONOR

Jahnava Devi Dasi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jagannatha-priya Devi Dasi, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Janaki Devi Dasi, Hillsborough, North Carolina 

Kardama Muni Das (ACBSP), Alachua, Florida

Vankat and Surya Kolluru and Family, Berwyn, Pennsylvania

Krishna Das (Chris Neo) and Family, Hillsborough, North Carolina

Krsnesvari Devi Dasi, (In Bold Communications), California *MONTHLY DONOR

Krishna Kumar Das, Australia 

Dr. Venkata N M Lakkoju & Family, Perth, Australia

Joshi Milind 

Jai Devaki Parks, Gita Nagari, Pennsylvania *MONTHLY DONOR 


Patel Family, Pennsylvania

David Peebles

Pooja Sharma, San Jose, California

Sangeeta Mataji, Juhu Beach, Mumbai

Satyavati Devi Dasi, RN, North Carolina

Sharma Family, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mr. and Mrs. Sharma and Family,  Hillsborough, North Carolina

Ramana and Soumya, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Ravikumar Sridaran, Thornton, Colorado

Jeffrey Solomon, Los Angeles, California

Dinuk Weerasinghe, United Kingdom

Bhakta William, Hillsborough, North Carolina



“We should always try to give service to the Vaishnavas. Worshiping Krishna must be accompanied by service to His devotees. Service to devotees is higher than service to Vishnu.”


You can choose to donate to Vaishnavas C.A.R.E. in one of three ways:

  • One – Time Donation
  • Monthly Recurring Donation (from $1 to $101)
  • Donation by mail

  One – Time Donation: To make a One Time Donation to V-Care click on the Donate button below:

  Monthly Recurring Donation ($1 to $101): To make a Monthly Recurring Donation, click on one of the Subscribe buttons below:

Donate $1 per month Donate $5 per month Donate $10 per month
Donate $21 per month Donate $51 per month Donate $101 per month


  ***All online donations are secured by Paypal Inc. Donate by mail: Click here to obtain a donation form, print, complete and mail along with your check to Vaishnavas C.A.R.E. Inc.  

***Your kind donations are tax-deductible under our 501C3 status ***100% of your donations go directly to the Vaishnavas in need, to educate and train our volunteers, and to the expansion of this much-needed program worldwide.  We thank you for your kind assistance.   

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