Spiritual Counseling

“Whenever a devotee passes away,

this world becomes a little more unfortunate.”

—Indradyumna Swami

Caring for a friend or family member can be exhausting work that, unfortunately, does not abruptly end with the death of that loved one. Those who are left behind must endure and work through their grief in order to successfully emerge from such a deep loss. Reaching a healthy resolution, either for oneself or assisting others to do so, can be difficult. If left uncompleted, however, it can result in unfinished business that may need to be sorted out later on.

10484711_1004006469634025_4630787402425505105_nAs a society of devotees we are blessed with the understanding of the Krishna consciousness philosophy. Daily we strive to increase our devotion to Lord Krishna while simultaneously endeavoring to diminish our attachments to this material world. The process is sublime but requires great determination and effort. Just as we gain strength from the association of other Vaishnavas in our attempt, we also require support from the community of devotees at a time of great loss. (The Final Journey, Page 206)

Toward this end a few devotees with decades of serious practice of sadhana and service in Krishna-consciousness have come forward to assist those in need. Please take the opportunity to write us and we will do our best to assist you with spiritual support and help.

We may be able to assist in one of the following ways:

–         Email correspondence to answer questions or concerns.

–         Phone call conversations with devotees to answer questions or concerns that cannot be appropriately addressed through written correspondence.

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